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*GDPR blah blah blah
Oh hi, you're here and that means you probably want to contact us. Go on, don't be shy. "But Phwoar," you ask, "what about all my personal data?" Fair question. Here's Phwoar's GDPR compliancy policy:
Personal data - if you contact us, you've probably sent us your email address and real name/pseudonym. Those two classics really aid the process of communication, particularly if your initial contact was to open up a dialogue, rather than to hurl angry comments at us (be a good person!). If you want to do the latter, you're in the wrong place. Please divert yourself to social media. But we're not really a spam kinda band. If you're a spam fan, my good man or ma'am, please join our mailing list. So expect replies to emails where relevant, but sendeth us no spam and we will spammeth thee not, for the love of all that is holy on earth. We don't even collect and keep personal data, other than what stays in our Gmail.
Face data - You'll notice that our website is quite picture-dense. We like pictures, they're so easy on the eye (apart from when we're sweating a lot on stage, which is most of the time for me - Paul). Having said that, sometimes you might be clicking through and see your face appear in a crowd shot or something. That will be because either a) you agreed to a photo shoot for a public-facing publication, and/or b) you were in a public space at the same time as us (lucky you?) and had your photo taken inadvertently. Either way, rest assured, it's our legal responsibility to justify reasonable and legitimate use of said imagery. Although nobody has been clear with us about what that entails exactly, or even what GDPR entails. Or what life is. Alack, we promise you this: the shots are just a portfolio and are not gaining us any money (boo!). Furthermore we'll never sell your photos without your consent first. We'll most definitely not sell them to any of the weird companies. However, should you wish to be removed, send us an email (see above) and let us know. You are well within your rights at any time to request that your likeness is removed from this site permanently and forever, in this life and the next however many, unless we're reincarnated as goldfish, in which case, we might forget. Please don't be mad at us at that point, for we are just humble goldfish now. Goldfish who continue to advocate for personal data rights. 
The photos themselves are stored in external hard drives in our house, so it's unlikely anybody'll be able to get access and we're generally quite excellent at remembering to close our front door upon entering or exiting. As ever, we love to chat, so if you've any concerns or questions, please do get in touch.
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